At Barber’s Piano Service, we take sincere pride in everything we do, and guarantee the absolute finest quality. But you don’t have to take our word for it:

"A big Thank you to Lorlin Barber for tuning my piano so meticulously yesterday!"

"The Steinway & Sons piano that I wanted has now been refinished. It looks beautiful! Thanks once again to my friend Lorlin Barber. I can hardly wait to get it."

  - Dave Allen - Des Moines, Iowa

"Thanks so much for servicing our Everett piano! We not only have a great sounding piano now but we also got some terrific education!"

  - Lila and Wesley - Clive, Iowa

"Thank you again for coming to the Pella Christian High School Vermeer Auditorium on Saturday afternoon, March 15, to tune the personal, Yamaha Conservatory 7'6" grand piano of Kim Collingsworth, to prepare it for "The Collingsworth Family" concert which my husband and I were hosting that evening. Lorlin, your expertise as a certified piano technician/tuner was apparent...Kim's grand piano was finely on pitch as she performed before our almost sell-out crowd at the evening's concert. Thank you, again.  You are a blessing!"

  - Cindy D. - Iowa Southern Gospel Concerts Productions

"Lorlin, thank you for accepting my request for tuning Kim's piano again next March 15, 2014.  You made my day!
Blessings to You."

  - Cindy D. - Iowa Southern Gospel Concerts Productions

"So many compliments on the piano, and I mention your name any chance I get...  I am SO pleased I can just hardly contain myself most of the time!  It is a dream come true. I plan to invest as much as I can in my students and look forward to seeing their progress on the grand!!  Thank You So Much!"

  - Jennifer Thompson - Teacher - Story City, Iowa

"Father Ray told me you had been down and tuned the piano-it sounds great! He made one appeal to raise the remaining amount and got way more than enough! It is so perfect for our space and our needs-love everything about it! You have been such a pleasure to work with on this project, and I want to thank you for all your help and advice and making our dream come true! I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a piano, should they ask. Thank you."

  - Helen

"Duane and I talked a lot on the way home about how much we enjoyed your approach.  Duane has spent a fair amount of time looking at pianos at other dealerships and was blown away at the difference in experience that we had.  I think he realized some of the sales tactics that make me shy away from working with a traditional 'salesman.'  It is clear you are an educator and we really appreciated you spending time with us.  It was really fun!"

  - Duane and Meagan Wolf - Ames, Iowa

"We had the Yamaha P22 delivered on Wednesday night and  it looks GREAT!  We’re surprised to get it so fast.  Thanks for the great turnaround.  Again, I cannot thank you enough for everything.  We are beyond pleased with our purchase."

  - Vicki Oberfoell

"The piano at Drake sounded and felt great.  Thank you so much.  I really appreciate  your great work."

  - Cynthia Giunta - accompanist, Drake University Fine Arts - Music Dept.

"Central Iowa Blues Society would like to give big thanks to Barber’s Piano.  Lorlin Barber and company specialize in pre-owned and quality rebuilt pianos.  They’ve prepared and supplied performance pianos for the likes of Mose Allison, Herbie Hancock, the Charmaine Neville Band and T. Monk - so you know you’ll be in good hands."

  - Don Erickson - Iowa Blues Hall of Fame Co-Chair

"Several years ago, I purchased my first grand piano through Barber’s Piano Service.  Lorlin Barber was professional and helpful in guiding me to that piano.  He provided excellent service after the sale, as well as educating me about pianos along the way.  About a year ago, I started thinking about upgrading to a Steinway.  Even though we had relocated to a different state in the meantime, I contacted Lorlin for advice due to his knowledge of pianos in general and Steinways in particular.  A few months later, I noticed a pre-owned Steinway B on the website that was "coming soon" so I inquired about it.  Lorlin gave me the particulars.  To make a long story short, I now have this piano in my music room and it is turning out to be everything he said it was.  Even though we now live 500 miles away, he traveled here to set up the Steinway and to change and upgrade my climate control system from the old piano to the new one.  I am thrilled with the Steinway B, and could never have acquired it without Lorlin’s help.  I am not able to travel any distance at the present time so would not have been able to do the three and four-day trips necessary to play lots of different high-end pianos. Instead, I trusted Lorlin to find the piano I wanted, and I am satisfied and happy with that decision.  In addition, he has connected me with a technician in my area to service my piano going forward.  Thanks, Lorlin, you helped make my dream come true!"

  - Penny Brown

"I have a story if you have a minute - Our annual Story City Piano Clinic was last weekend, with five local teachers participating. Our Clinician asked two of my students if they had a nice piano to practice on because she was so impressed with their ability to play so softly on the grand piano during their performance. She was unaware which teacher these students belonged to but thought they must have a nice instrument to practice on. They told her that they did not have a decent piano at home but their teacher DID. One of the other teachers also stated that she could tell an overall improvement in the ability of my students. Needless to say (and I just might be bragging) 9 of my 27 students that performed were chosen to be outstanding performer. That’s something to smile about. I’ve enjoyed my Young Chang Pramberger Series PG157 so much in the last year and thought you should know how my students are benefiting as well. Thanks for your part in making my dream come true."

  - Amelia Flickinger

"I am absolutely thrilled with the Steinway Model B piano that I purchased from Barber’s Piano Service in March of 2000. The piano was delivered exactly as promised in mint condition, five years old and everything you would expect in a top quality world class instrument. I have total trust and confidence in Lorlin Barber’s expertise, knowledge, integrity and skills. I appreciate the time and patience that he is always willing to give. To have an opportunity like this was something that I just never envisioned and although the demands of home and business are there I spend many hours at the piano and really appreciate the fine quality of the instrument as well as the performance level that I have realized thanks to Lorlin Barber."

  - Janice K. DeBartolo
    Graduated Western Illinois University piano major (1967)
    Taught elementary music 7 years
    In the printing business 25+ years

"I’m indeed happy to recommend Lorlin Barber as a technician of the highest standard. The work he has done for me on pianos at home as well as from Steinway’s Concert and Artist pision has always been superb."

  - Scott Dunn
    Concert Pianist & Steinway Artist
    New York City, NY
    NOTE: Scott Dunn’s latest solo CD, The Night’s Music, is available
    on from the Illia label - CD #60101.

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Yamaha C7 piano (7’6") at St. Thomas Aquinas in Ames. It is a joy to play! It is a wonderful experience to get out of the piano what I put into it concerning phrasing, balance, etc. One of my students is another pianist from church. We have been able to work on the finer art of subtleties when playing. He finally has an opportunity to appreciate them having the Yamaha to play. I am looking forward to exposing all my students to such a wonderful instrument at spring recital. The congregation also notices and enjoys the beautiful sounds it creates! Thanks for all you did to make it happen!"

  - Cheryl Todey
    Piano Teacher, Accompanist/Perfomer
    Story City, Iowa

"I am a college voice teacher and church musician. In my role as a church music director, I have had many occasions to use Lorlin Barber’s professional services. Our church had purchased some older grand and studio pianos to service our needs until we could order new ones. Lorlin voiced and regulated them carefully. Then, in 1998, when we could afford new pianos, his connections with new and used pianos around the country allowed us to have an excellent choice at excellent prices. He always sought to give us the best piano at the price he knew we could afford and his service after the sale is second to none.

In my work at the college level, I have witnessed Lorlin’s knowledge of all models of the Steinway grand. In the last five years he has rebuilt our nine foot, seven foot, and practice grands. And while he works he explains what he is doing and why it is important. He schedules his work carefully and finishes on time. If you have a special need that needs to be scheduled right away, he does his best to work you into his schedule. To him, the service to the customer is central. I heartily recommend him."

  - James Tener
    Iowa State University
    Ames, Iowa

"I have been teaching for ten years in the public school system. I cannot imagine a more hostile environment for a piano than public schools. We use our main piano at least six hours a day going through 175 kids. We have purchased pianos in the past and have not had good luck. This last year we were lucky to have donations to purchase a grand piano. Lorlin was instrumental in finding the best grand piano at the right price. Since then we have had exactly what we needed with a true professional technician to maintain and service our grand piano. He has also gone above and beyond in reconditioning a piano we had bought earlier that did not hold up. As busy as he is, I hope you can be fortunate enough to have Lorlin in your music making. His professional knowledge, integrity and skill are second to none."

  - Jeff Tollefson
    Storm Lake H.S. Vocal Department
    Storm Lake, IA

"In November, 1998 Lorlin Barber helped the members of the Vestry of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ames, Iowa to select a Young Chang Pramberger Series PG185 grand piano. His experience, technical knowledge, and advice were impressive. It was installed in our Parish Hall, a large meeting room recently built as part of a major renovation.

The piano has been a source of delight for music loving members of our congregation, for the Ames Town and Gown Chamber Music Association, for the Des Moines Metro Opera Guild, and for private practice by students. We appreciate the maintenance care he provides for our pianos, and his speedy response when we call for help in preparation for a performance."

  - Daniel J. Zaffarano
    Ames, Iowa

"About a year ago, we decided to start looking for a "quality" grand piano. I previously had the chance to practice on a Steinway M and was impressed with the action and tone. I contacted Lorlin Barber of Barber’s Piano Service for assistance. Over the next several months he provided me with the information I needed to make an educated decision. I played as many grands as I could, including Steinways, Mason-Hamlins and Baldwins. Eventually it became clear that I wanted a Steinway L or B because no other piano had the sound or feel I wanted. Lorlin contacted me as pianos became available, providing me with information about each particular instrument’s characteristics. Finally, a certain Steinway B (1993) in near-new condition came on the market and it was clear that this was what we wanted.

Lorlin Barber delivered our new Steinway on January 7, 2000. Since then our home has hosted several informal concerts featuring the piano. Thanks to his guidance I felt we made the best choice possible and we are thrilled with this top-quality instrument. I have absolute confidence and trust in his knowledge and expertise, and will always appreciate the time he took to provide the information I needed to make this once-in-a-lifetime decision."

  - Nancy Vogt


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